Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Stacking it in a winter wonderland.

Stockholm has frozen over, and we experienced our first Swedish snow day on Monday! It was very interesting, though very annoying not being able to get in to open the shop. Today the weather is sunny and shiny and amazing, but more snow is predicted for tomorrow. Will it never end? We´ll keep fighting the elements to stay open, we´ll strap tennis rackets to our shoes and take the winter on Donald Duck style if we have to.

Our competition is still open! Send your name and email address through to add yourself to our mailing list and to get the chance to win a 500kr gift voucher! Fab-tastic, non?

Also, pictures of our gorgeous new hair flowers coming soon!

Also also we´re now listed on Whats Up Stockholm! I´ll post a link to us on there asap.

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