Friday, 19 February 2010

Make do and mend!

Look at the horror of the Squander Bug! All swastikas and trident tail.

I love how smug he looks when he says "And it doesn´t help the war a bit!" (because he is an evil, nazi-commie Squander Bug. You see? I know, it´s very subtle. You have to read between the lines a bit).

So although I like shopping and want to encourage it in others (what, with running a shop and all), the Squander Bug is a frightening little creature, and I think it clashes with our philosophy of reusing clothes to let him have his way and waste any of them. That´s why I´ve started remaking and recycling some of the things which I love the style of but which don´t meet our high quality standards.

My first project was a lovely dress which was in perfect condition around the top, but which was ruined around the skirt and hem, so I shortened it into a top, added a bow and resewed the bodice a little. Et voila!

Not sure whether I want to be helping the war (even a bit), but at least we´ll keep that nazi bug at bay for now!

I´ve completed a few more projects in the last week, so I´ll have to get snaps of them, and also to think of a name for these clothes, since I don´t want to mix them up with the throughoughbred vintage.

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