Saturday, 10 March 2012

A little bit of catching up!

Since the shop is moving online, there are now only a few opportunities to shop in our physical store:

Today 12-16
Next Saturday, the 17th, 12-16
And THE LAST ONE Saturday 24th, 12-16

Of course that's not the last you'll see of Kellerman Vintage. The webshop will still be running for one, and we've still got two delicious Original Style markets to go! And speaking of which, the last one on 5th March was lovely. Tifa was there with the latest issue of Min Boudoir:

Magdalena shows the lovely shoot she was featured in! -picture from Tifa's blog
And Elsa was featured too, in a 30s special which I wrote! picture from Tifa's blog again
There was lots and lots of brilliant vintage, but for this quick update you will have to be satisfied with stolen pictures. Mine will come later. :)

Yummy vintage accessories from Ciamant!
The next market is 7th April and will be an easter special! Much excitement!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Original Style PART 2!

Check it out! This Saturday, Original Style number two opens its doors at Skrapan in Stockholm - you are so very welcome to a day of casual vintage shopping, cheap treats and more!