Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Stacking it in a winter wonderland.

Stockholm has frozen over, and we experienced our first Swedish snow day on Monday! It was very interesting, though very annoying not being able to get in to open the shop. Today the weather is sunny and shiny and amazing, but more snow is predicted for tomorrow. Will it never end? We´ll keep fighting the elements to stay open, we´ll strap tennis rackets to our shoes and take the winter on Donald Duck style if we have to.

Our competition is still open! Send your name and email address through to add yourself to our mailing list and to get the chance to win a 500kr gift voucher! Fab-tastic, non?

Also, pictures of our gorgeous new hair flowers coming soon!

Also also we´re now listed on Whats Up Stockholm! I´ll post a link to us on there asap.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Make do and mend!

Look at the horror of the Squander Bug! All swastikas and trident tail.

I love how smug he looks when he says "And it doesn´t help the war a bit!" (because he is an evil, nazi-commie Squander Bug. You see? I know, it´s very subtle. You have to read between the lines a bit).

So although I like shopping and want to encourage it in others (what, with running a shop and all), the Squander Bug is a frightening little creature, and I think it clashes with our philosophy of reusing clothes to let him have his way and waste any of them. That´s why I´ve started remaking and recycling some of the things which I love the style of but which don´t meet our high quality standards.

My first project was a lovely dress which was in perfect condition around the top, but which was ruined around the skirt and hem, so I shortened it into a top, added a bow and resewed the bodice a little. Et voila!

Not sure whether I want to be helping the war (even a bit), but at least we´ll keep that nazi bug at bay for now!

I´ve completed a few more projects in the last week, so I´ll have to get snaps of them, and also to think of a name for these clothes, since I don´t want to mix them up with the throughoughbred vintage.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

More pictures coming soon!

Very exciting shoot planned for next week with the beautiful hair flowers from One Little Bird I mentioned, and also our newly acquired hats! Some real beauties in there; my personal favourite is from 1954 and I like to think it would have been really cutting edge at the time.

Today I´ve been adding more pictures to our Facebook group like so:

These are The Lovebirds by Chatham Girl and they are in the shop right now!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The best things in life are free (Jordan & Peter André said so)

Our first competition is up and running! It´s super simple: just pop into the shop before March 1st and join our mailinglist, and you could win a gift voucher for 500kr! No hassle! Great, yes?

We´re also please to announce we´re now stocking some lovely accessories from One Little Bird, which I will post pictures of following our next shoot tomorrow. Exciting times!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Y'all

Let's celebrate the wuvviest day of the year with a nicely apprehensive vintage greeting card.

Remember that line from the Futurama Valentine's special? They deliver a bunch of candy hearts with cutesie messages on. The magnificent ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8 is confused:

"What is this emotion the hu-mans call WUV?"
"Surely it says 'LOVE'?"
"NO! WUV, with an Earth W! This notion of WUV confuses and angers us!"

Friday, 12 February 2010

I´m not going to join in with the mourning hype, but...

...this is a very good article celebrating the work of a great fashion designer. I can´t mourn for someone I never met, nor do I think it would be appropriate to pretend to do so, but it is a very sad story, and the fashion industry has lost a very talented man.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


We are now featured on (the vintage map), and our little listing can be found on here. It´s all in Swedish, but my Inglish readers (yes, you two), could always look at the pictures. Swedes should all leave a comment and a rating (please). Snowy love from Sofo!

Monday, 1 February 2010

I would have the Monday blues, but everything´s covered in snow, so it´s more like the Monday whites.

The temperature has risen slightly from the -17C of the last few weeks, and although it´s snowing now, the heat of around -1C feels almost tropical. I´m only wearing two pairs of tights as opposed to my usual three plus socks. I feel... mobile!

Sara´s pretty blog told me to Mad Men myself, so I did (it´s slow today)

I´ve also been working on recycling some of the garments which aren´t in good enough condition to be sold as they are, and have made a few transformations which I will get photos of one of these days.