Saturday, 6 March 2010

Today was a good day.

Some of the best things about having the shop has been that the customers often want our opinions on the things they find and try on. Often, they have a special occasion, or just specific tastes which we try to cater to. It's been great knowing all the designs, shapes and sizes in the shop so I can easily pick things out for people, and it's always lovely when you offer advise and someone takes it and is pleased with the results. I like being right.

Another one of the great things has been when a customer really finds the shapes that suit them the best. I think that most people have a style or decade which suits them best, whether that's the marked waists of the fifties, the straight up and down minidresses of the sixties or the more relaxed flowing lines of the seventies maxidresses. Today we had a lovely customer who, with her hourglass shape, struggles to find things that fit just right in today's mainstream shops, but who looked absolutely stunning as soon as she put on any fifties style dress. I hope she's pleased with what she bought and that she feels as beautiful as she looked in the dresses she got. 

We've started putting out our spring clothes now, and the shop will be all changed around in a couple of days, with lots of fun new clothes for spring - pastels, whites and light jackets plus some glorious dresses for those summer weddings. 

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