Saturday, 13 March 2010

Information overload

So much is going on at the same time, and I´ve only gone and bloody overworked myself so now find myself in a permanent and very unpleasant zombie stage where I could happily curl up in a corner and sleep at any point of the day. BUT still lots going on, so we push through! Things going on:

Thing 1. Omigod, we´ve only started selling online - AND - you can see a few items from our Etsy shop right here! Just look to the right.... See? Amazing, huh? We have the technology! You can find lots more of our vintage on our shop or you can even go through our website. 

Thing 2. We shot the fabulous Chesty von Ellem this Monday, and the pictures are currently being edited. They look great, and we even got a mention on her blog, so check that out (note Michael in my little sister´s jacket - now for all to see).

Thing 3. We´ve put out our super fresh and cute spring clothing! Lots of lovely pastels and party frocks and comfy pinks and blues and cute hats.

Thing 4. Our profile on Whats Up Sthlm is now complete with longer article and pictures! Check us out here (in Sveedish)

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