Sunday, 10 January 2010

We're open for business!

We opened the shop yesterday, so now all we have to do is tend to it and hope things run smoothly. It still feels completely unreal, like we're playing "shop". Anyway, I'm still exhausted from the final push, so won't make much sense right now. Instead of me rambling, here are some pictures from yesterday:
This is the jewellery display downstairs, made from recycled materials left behind by the previous owner.

This is half of the downstairs section. The other side of the room houses our mini gallery, which opened with an exhibition by Swedish artist Ulf Lundkvist.

This is mom's favourite section - the lingerie topped off with a gorgeous pair of Elsa Schiaparelli hats which any prospective buyers will have to fight her for.


  1. its looks amazing girl!!! wow!!!! :D
    xx jordi

  2. looking might mighty fine! Bra jobbat!! grattis !