Monday, 18 May 2009


Summer is almost here (I don’t care what the Inglish weather says – it’s mid-May and I’m going to have some ice cream and plan a nice day at the beach), and looking at the summer beach trends, things aren’t looking too bad. Ok, so it’s the same trends as last year, only done in better quality, with the deck shoes and the big woven bags and the kaftans and that, but there’s a comfy angle which I really like. When it gets really warm and sticky, no one should be running around in strappy heels slicing their feet with every step, tugging at a ra-ra skirt which keeps sliding up, while their makeup inches its way around the face like a buttery blob. We should all be breezing along in cotton maxis and sun dresses, in comfortable and (ugh) sensible shoes with proper sun screen on.

The main problem I have with summer is the bathing suits, because they seem to become smaller every year, and I don’t want to spend every minute at the beach tugging and adjusting things to preserve some dignity. Vintage bathing suits are perfect for this, because they actually cover what they’re supposed to cover and stay in place. The problem with them is that they are sponge-like in their absorbency and you weigh about twice as much coming out of the water as you did going in. There’s just no winning here. But at least they look great, and I’m hoping to do a beachy shoot soon (when it gets just a little warmer – otherwise it’s just cruel to the model).

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