Sunday, 10 May 2009

Chapter 9 - part the final.

Last few edits from the 80s shoot now. The credits are rolling, but the best is still to come.

Pad exhibit E - Big shoulder pads for a light dress (so, proportionally, some of the biggest) in this Chanel rip-off.

Pad exhibit F - F is for final, and also for favourite. I love this dress. It's 80s, it's Dynasty, it lends itself beautifully to matchy-matchy, the shoulder pads are absolutely massive, and it's Lanvin. It's made from this beautiful crepe material (enlarge the picture and have a look), and I'm currently considering a lard-and-cream diet to be able to fill it out and keep it to myself. None of my other clothes would fit, but - frankly - that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. I could whisper sweet nothings into its sleeves, and it could make me best dressed at any cocktail party. We really would make a beautiful couple.

And that's it for now! Hoping to do another shoot soon; there's a Valentino blouse flirting with me from the rail across the room, along with some lovely tailoring, and hopefully some new pieces very soon (eBay has not been my friend lately, but we're going to give it another try).

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