Thursday, 19 July 2012

Poplin flea market & shop

Around the corner from Slussen tube station lies design collective Poplin, and yesterday they were having a little flea market outside the shop, as well as keeping the shop itself open for browsing, of course. There was also a very exciting hat party in the evening, which I was very sad to miss.

I wiggled into one of my favourite dresses - a late fifities cocktail number which was perfect for the chilly Stockholm day.

Among the other great stuff in the shop, Elsa aka Etiquette has some super cute bow ties and mini-ties as well as hair bows. They are all so well made, from vintage and vintage style fabrics, and I am obviously a big fan. 

The shop itself is very well designed and airy, while it stocks so many lovely accessories and garments.

This embroidered brooch with "eerie trees" caught my eye. 

Lovely turban wrap from Ruth Hannah paired with a dress from Orkan Lia for a lovely fifties look.

They also have children's clothing, all hand made and retro by Mandalou Design. Super cute simple dresses which I am sure will last your little one and any others to follow.

The Orkan Lia dresses have been a favourite for a while, she makes lovely day and evening dresses in fifties and sixties styles, from retro and vintage fabrics. 

The flea market outside the shop had some really lovely items, shoes, accessories and clothes. The jeans in the picture below were amazing, but were unfortunately not available in my size. So flea market or no flea market, Poplin is central, filled with lovely people and even lovlier, hand-made designs. Make sure to visit!


  1. Varför kan vi inte ha lite fler och roligare butiker i Göteborg?!
    Jag vill också bo i Stockholm!

  2. Jo, ibland lönar det sig att bo här, men du får planera in ett besök,med vintage-runda, kanske?