Thursday, 9 February 2012

Fashion, dahling. Vintage fashion.

Yesterday evening, mother Kellerman and I headed out into the snow to attend the private view of the upcoming vintage and fashion auction at Stockholm Auction House. The auction is on valentine's day - tuesday - and you can bid in person, by telephone and online. Also coming up is the vintage auction at Bukowskis - Sweden's other major auction house - which I am super excited about! Make sure to check out the websites for catalogues and more info:

Photo: Stockholms Auktionsverk
This is the beautiful image used as a publicity shot for next week's auction, and it just so happens to feature an Elsa Schiaparelli hat which I had valued and entered into the auction.

This Galliano dress was one of my favourites from the showroom - so many sequins, such amazing fabric! I doubt it has much age to it, but can't help but love it either way.

This Valentino blouse from the 1980s was another one of "my" items in the auction. It was hung in a lovely old travel wardrobe.

These amazing suitcases are made from alligator and crocodile leather and were just fantastic, I don't want to think about how many animals were used to make these, though!

Mama Kellerman admiring a few choice garments, like this 90s jacket in the style of a 1970s one. We actually had a very similar garment in the shop for a while - but that was of course original 1970s vintage.

 This dress was a little hard to view as it was draped artistically over a chair, but it was so amazing we had to have a closer look. It is from 1908, and is so full of detailing and embroidery. I like to think that the braid along the bustline is human hair, but Mama Kellerman insists it is silk. Also good, I suppose.

There was a mountain of Louis Vuitton luggage, storage and hand bags - it seems the bidders can't get enough of the LV, and this display was getting a lot of attention!

I also submitted a Christian Dior hat, and another Schiaparelli hat with an amazing, pink flower. Can't wait to see how all the items do on Tuesday. Meanwhile, I am beyond excited about the Bukowskis auction, which I have never attended in person before. 
Igår var det förhandsvisning på Stockholms Auktionsverk, och det var många godbitar på plats. Bland annat har jag själv lämnat in den svarta hatten av Elsa Schiaparelli, som syns på auktionsverkets pressbilder, Valentino-blusen i krämvit samt två andra hattar. På tisdag - alla hjärtans dag - är det dags för auktion, och du kan buda på plats, via telefon eller online. Dessutom är auktionsvåren för vintageentusiaster absolut inte över efter Tisdag - för i Mars är det dags för Bukowskis vintage-auktion, något jag verkligen ser fram emot!


  1. Nu é're min tur å gurgla - GALLIANO AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!! Ja, den va fin :D Önskar jag kunde varit där! Visste dock inte att du själv är med och auktionerar ut grejer, för DET hade du minsann inte klämt ur dej! ;)

    1. But of course, dahling! Är det vintage-relaterat gör jag ju det mesta för att komma med på ett hörn. :)